Baisakhi Matching Game Puzzle Solution

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Baisakhi Matching Game Puzzle Solution

1) The main celebration of Baisakhi occurs at this place in Punjab A. Talwandi Sabo.
2) The Hindu Goddess worshipped on Vaisakhi in Himachal Pradesh B. Jwalamukhi.
3) A religious festival for Sikhs. C. Baisakhi.
4) "Surya", honoured in Bihar during Baisakhi, is actually D. The Sun-god.
5) The place of worship for the Sikh people. E. Gurdwara.
6) The "Khalsa" sect was established by F. Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
7) The first Sikh religious leader (Guru) G. Guru Nanak.
8) The largest known parade outside India is organised in H. British Columbia, Canada.
9) Baisakhi is celebrated in Kerala as I. Vishu.
10) The famous Golden Temple is situated in J. Amritsar, Punjab.

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