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Reindeer and Elf Jokes for Merry Christmas

What is the favorite food of elves? Want answers to this joke, then you have to through the following jokes. We have a good collection of reindeer and elf jokes to make this Christmas a memorable Christmas for you. And let us know if any joke offends you.

Reindeer and Elf Jokes

  • What is the favorite food of elves?
    Answer: "Elf"-aghetti!
  • How did elves climbed up to the top of Santa’s Castle?
    Answer: Using an "Elf"-evator.
  • Elves use what kind of money?
    Answer: Jingle bills!
  • What’s the first thing learnt by elves in school?
    Answer: The "elf"-abet!
  • What would you call the twelfth elf that comes to help other 11 elves in the workshop? Answer: The twelf
  • Who makes toys and rides around in a pumpkin and lives at the North Pole?
    Answer: Cinder-"elf"-a!
  • Reindeer jokes - Christmas jokes

  • Santa rides in a sleigh. What do elves ride in?
    Answer: Mini vans!
  • What do you call an elf that tells silly jokes?
    Answer: A real Christmas card!
  • Where do you find elves?
    Answer: Depends where you left them!
  • What would you call an elf who just has won the lottery?
    Answer: Welfy
  • Why reindeer wears sunglass during Christmas party?
    Answer: Because he didn't want to be recognized!
  • Where would a reindeer go to find her lost tail?
    Answer: "Re-tail" store.
  • Why reindeer is wet?
    Answer: "Rain"-deer.
  • Which reindeer has the cleanest antlers?
    Answer: Comet!
  • Who is very rude?
    Answer: "Rude"-olph
  • Who is very rude?
    Answer: "Rude"-olph
  • How does Rudolph know when Christmas is coming?
    Answer: He looks at his calen-"deer"!
  • What is the profession of snowmen?
    Answer: Playing with angels.
  • What did the reindeer say when he saw an elf?
    Answer: Nothing, reindeer can't talk.
  • Which elf was the best singer?
    Answer: ELFis Presley.
  • Elves make sandwiches with what type of bread?
    Answer: shortbread of course!
  • In Texas a wild elf is known as -
    Answer: Gnome on the range!
  • What for reindeer wears fur coat?
    Answer: Because they look ridiculous in polyester
  • What for reindeer wears fur coat?
    Answer: Because they look ridiculous in polyester
  • How long should an elf's legs be?
    Answer: Just long enough to reach the ground!
  • What do elves sing to Santa?
    Answer: Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow!
  • Why the turkey was asked to join the band by elves?
    Answer: Because he had the drum sticks!

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