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Diwali is one of those festivals that all Indian children eagerly look forward to. Though mainly a Hindu occasion, Diwali is for everyone and the jubilations during the festival cut across all boundaries - racial, cultural, economic and otherwise. For all you kids out there, here we bring some fun activities that you can indulge in on Diwali. Go down and check out our fabulous Diwali Activities for Kids. If you like our activities for Diwali, share them with your buddies by clicking here and referring this page to them all. Enjoy Diwali to the hilt and make it an occasion to remember for your near ones. Shubh Deepavali to you all!


Diwali Crossword
Work out our exciting crossword puzzle for Diwali.

Diwali Anagram Puzzle
This enchanting word puzzle is sure to brighten up your Diwali.

Diwali Word Search Puzzle
Figure out this interesting word search puzzle themed to Deepavali.
word search

Diwali Number Crunching Puzzle
Solve this marvellous Diwali number game puzzle.
number crunching

Diwali Quiz
Test your knowledge with our Diwali Quiz that consists of questions related to the wonderful Diwali festival.
Diwali Quiz
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