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Death is so cruel! It parted the King from the hearts of the millions. It deprived them of the fascinating sight and sound of their 'heart-throb', hopping around the stage, singing and shaking, rockin' and rollin' with their favorite numbers!

It is, to them, a loss irreparable. They craved for him so much... but the king could listen to them no longer, nor they could listen to his magical voice, live. This mass-yarning for Elvis made him one of the most frequently sighted man even after years of official pronouncement of his death.

Call it an apparition or a hallucination, craze or fun, reports of seeing Elvis often pop on the media even after 23 mournful years.

Like to take a look at some of them? Here is a sample :

I saw Elvis In a leather tannery( undisclosed location to protect the kings privacy, of course) eating Chester fried chicken and drinking a yahoo in the break room at lunch. Of course I knew immediately who this great Icon was by the groovy burns that would make Greg Brady lay down in fetal position and weep. I spoke with him briefly, not letting on that of course I know this is Elvis, about the global economy and how it had affected the leather industry but I think he was more concerned with the lack of donut delivery service in the area ,"what with all the dunkin donuts in the area and I cant get any delivered?" was the quote ill always remember. Overall the King looked good for his age despite the polyester he was wearing. LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!

- New Hampshire

Although may have scoffed at my tale, I swear that I saw Elvis Presley while I was fishing on the Salmon River in Idaho. The King looked older, obviously, but I could tell it was him. He was walking away from the river and disappeared into the bushes. I swear that at that moment Heartbreak Hotel started playing on my radio. The experience was scary, almost like the feeling one gets from surviving an automobile accident. It was scary but exhilarating.

- a military pilot from Italy

Joe's Bar & Grille...The King was tying one on at this local filling station. Bartender told our researchers that he was celebrating his 4 month anniversary of quitting smoking cigarettes. Apparently he has taken up pork rinds as a substitute, because he took 4 bags with him when he stumbled out the door. Bartender could not answer the question on how he was going to smoke the pork rinds.

- Oct. 19, 1995 Columbus, Ohio

Two spotters were browsing the Elvis Spotter's Page on the world wide web when a power surge shut down the building. Looking up in the half lit doorway from hallway emergency lights waved a side burned man, wearing a janitor's jump suit with the name Elvis on the lapel. When power was restored, the regular janitor was sought out and found to have the day off.

- Oct. 18, 1995, Rider University

We saw Elvis at a fish and chip serving cod and mushy peas.

- November1, 1998, Knaresborough

Found him at my desk -- in costume, with Elvis' 60 Greatest Hits playing in the background! And, no, Elvis has NOT left the building!

October30, 1998, Columbia SC

Elvis Sighting

"my wife has been saying for a while now that i should take pictures of the "man in the suit" or the "Elvis" in our shower and i have never really listened to her or thought she knew what she was talking about, she took me into my own shower the other day and pointed at the wall and said "right there", i looked up at it and i could not believe what i was looking at and how i could have not seen it before. it was an unbelievable bust of what looks like to me to be Elvis on one of the shower boards, now this is not just a couple grains of wood that IF you used your imagination you might see something that looks kinda like something or a stain in the wood, this is formations in the wood that looks very much like the King."

Send by : Scott Streeter

"On a large property and ranch somewhere in the backwoods of montana it was reported that someone perfectly resembling an older elvis driving a worn battered chevy pick up over a hill, stopped got out and shuffled over to a tractor, got into the tractor and tried to start it. It would not start easily and the alleged elvis mumbled then cursed loudly beating his fists on the steering wheel.Then suddenly the tractor coughed into life, and elvis drove the worn battered tractor down the hill and disapeared behind a thick clump of trees still cursing. our contact was able to get some excellent photographs of the event which we are currently awaiting delivery of and rights to media release. "

Send by : tara ( on August 12, 2009, from Wollongong in Australia.

"I saw the ghost of elvis or something when i was 11 yrs old. It would have been 1991. My family and i were on vacation and we were going through memphis to take the elvis tour and we stopped at a mcdonalds. While i was inside placing an order a man looking just like elvis was standing in line in front of me talking to a black guy that appeared to be a friend of his. It was as if they were both elevated up off the floor above me and like they both had a glow about them or something. I just stood there in shock with my mouth hanging open in disbelief at what i was seeing. He looked over at me and said hi or something and smiled the elvis smile with the kind of snarled lip. I was like who are you still in shock. And when i looked away it was like they both just disappeared. Never forget such an unusual experience. "

Send by : kelly kostial ( on March 06, 2012, from Festus in USA.

Enough of them? Keep your eyes open. May be you'll come across him one day. Who knows! And, please, do let us know. So everybody else would also share the experience across the net.

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