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Answers of the Father's Day Matching Game

Answer of Father's Day Matching Game

1) Father of mankind H. God
2) Chinese Father's Day F. Baba Day
3) First Father's Day in the U.S. C. 19th June, 1910
4) Father's Day observance in the U.S. I. The third Sunday of June
5) Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd A. Introduced the idea of Father's Day
6) Recommended Father's Day as a national holiday in 1924 B. President Calvin Coolidge
7) In Thailand, Father's Day is set G. On the birthday of the ruling monarch.
8) In Germany, Father's Day is known as J. Vatertag
9) Russia celebrates Father's Day on this date D. February 23
10) Father's Day was first observed in China in E. August 8

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