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Fragrant Soap for Father's Day

Ideas for making of a fragrant soap

Materials needed:

1) Ivory Snow.
2) Men's cologne (any brand).
3) Food coloring.
4) Water - 1 1/2 cups.
5) Colored tissue paper.
6) A colourful ribbon.

Also required:

1) A mixing bowl.
2) A clear plastic cup.


1) Pour some of the Ivory Snow and all the water into the mixing bowl.
2) Knead until you have a mixture with a stiff bread-dough consistency.
3) Add in some food coloring and a few drops of men's cologne. Continue to knead.
4) Tear a small piece out of the mixture and shape it into a ball.
5) Repeat the process until all the soap mixture has been exhausted.
6) Keep the balls undisturbed in some isolated place for 3-4 days to dry.
7) Place the balls into a clear plastic cup.
8) Wrap the cup with colored tissue paper and tie with the ribbon, preferably of a contrasting color.
9) Add a personal Father's Day message and gift it to your daddy.

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