Gopal-mochan Fair


The mythological significance of the Gopal Mochan fair has enticed huge numbers of Hindu and Sikh devotees towards the holy Gopal-Mochan tank. Apart from the Gopal-Mochan tank, another sacred tank is there as well. This tank, located adjacent to the Gopal-Mochan tank, is known as Rin Mochan tank.

  1. This is the place where Lord Shiva had visited the place to take a dip to cleanse his sins.

  2. Ram Chandra had killed Ravana and came here to bathe in the Gopal-Mochan tank to wash away his sins.

  3. Pancha Pandavas also had come here to wash their weapons. They had a dip in the holy water of the Gopal-Mochan tank to shed their sins for killing their cousins at Kuru.
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