Gopal-mochan Fair
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A lovely way to spend a quality time sitting on a relaxing couch is to dive into the vast ocean of knowledge. This picky page of quiz is decorated with an anthology of questions on Gopal Mochan fair. Sharpen your pencil and tickle your brain at the same time to answer and test your knowledge about the festivity. Select the right answer from the well thought out options and see yourself climbing up the radar of scores slowly. Feedbacks are always welcomed and referrals are warmly appreciated.

Answer the questions below:
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  1. Gopal-Mochan Fair is celebrated in -

  2. Where is Gopal-Mochan tank located?

  3. In which Hindu month the festival is celebrated?

  4. Gopal-Mochan is the pilgrimage destination for the people of which religion?

  5. Apart from Gopal-Mochan, what is the name of the other nearby tank?

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