Guy Fawkes Day Recipes

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Co-Conspirators Of Guy fawkes
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Traditional English cooking is simple. The English like roasted and grilled meats and use few spices and sauces. Sunday dinner may consist of roasted chicken or a joint of beef or lamb with potatoes and vegetables, followed by a sweet (dessert)--often fruit pie with custard. Yorkshire pudding, made from batter baked in fat, is often served with beef.

Other popular English dishes include steak and kidney pie, shepherd's pie, and bangers and mash. Steak and kidney pie is a stew made of beef and kidneys and topped by a pastry crust. Shepherd's pie is a casserole of minced meat and mashed potatoes. Bangers and mash are thick sausages served with mashed potatoes. The English also like fish, especially cod, Dover sole, haddock, herring, and plaice. Fish and chips is a favourite dish for lunch, dinner, or supper. It consists of fried fish and fried potatoes and is sold at fish-and-chip shops.

The favourite alcoholic drink in England is beer, also called ale. Two popular types of beer are bitter and lager. Some English people also like Scotch whisky and gin. A popular nonalcoholic drink in England is squash, which is made by adding water to a concentrate of crushed oranges or lemons.

We have presented you with some recipes ideal for Guy Fawkes Day. So check them out! It would be a good idea to save this page in your computer so that you can use it while actually cooking. You can also send these recipes by clicking here.

Roasted Chicken | Yorkshire Pudding | Kidney Pie | Shepherd's Pie | Beef and potatoes | Fish & Chips


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