Kandali Festival
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Kandali, a local and regional flower of Uttarakhand, flourishes only once 12 long years. The name of the festival, Kandali, is derived from the name of the flower and is celebrated when the fine-looking flowers bloom on the land of Uttarakhand. Enthusiastic revelers decorate their homes and courtyards beautifully during the festivity.

The celebration of Kandali takes place in the prolonged river valley which lies between Kali and Dhauli rivers in Chaudans. The weeklong carnival is held between the months of August and October once every 12 years at the time when the beautiful kandali flowers bloom. The festival had been taken place in the month of October, 2011.

The prime and foremost idea of celebrating Kandali is to commemorate the martial tradition of Shaukas. Once upon a time when the men of the place were out of town for trade, the place was attacked by the enemies. According to the popular stories, the intrepid women of the place fought hard and won the battle. It had saved them from the adversaries who had concealed themselves in the Kandali bushes. The interesting festival is organized to commemorate the bravery of the women and it also assists the local people to remember the incident of the battle. 

Another story says that a boy had applied paste of a root from the bush Kang Dali on his wounds and he died. The angry and furious mother of that boy not only had cursed the shrub but also had ordered the Shaukas women to uproot and hack the Kang Dali bushes when they bloom. These flowers bloom once every 12 years.

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