Kandali Festival
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The fascinating celebration of the festival starts with the reverence for the deity Shiva. The worship of the Shiva lingam made up of barley and buck wheat flour mixture, marks the remarkable onset of the festival. Courtyards of every home are bedecked wonderfully as every household arranges pujas during the festivities. Soon after the pujas are done a community feast is organized. The celebration continues around a tree. Women and men congregate wearing their traditional attires. Strips of white cloths are tied to the tree and a flag is raised. The riveting procession is formed and the leaders of that procession are definitely the women folks. All of them hold a ril (a tool which was used in compacting carpet on the loom). Men and children carry swords and shields. They follow the pathway which is shown by the women. Everyone who partakes in the procession sings and dances on their way to their destination.

War like music is played as soon as they approach the blooms. Men folks come to help their women when they attack the bushes with their rils. Uprooted and hacked bushes are carried back as booty of the war.

Savdhoomo Sabha, an assembly, is organized on return to the village. The deities are worshipped and rice grains are offered in the middle of the murmurs of victory. The tributes are paid to the almighty with the desire of being victorious always. The deities are again reverenced with flowers while celebrants consume sweetmeats, liquor and fruits. The air of the adjoining areas is filled with sweet tunes of music. Merrymaking and celebrations continue with pleasing smiles and enthusiasms.

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