Kandali Festival
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There are plenty of things to be learnt to be honest. A number of states of India celebrate numerous festivals, some of which are unknown to many. The Kandali festival is one such occasion. But, we offer you all, a number of informative pages on this enthralling festival of Uttarakhand and a trivia quiz to tickle your brain after you gain sufficient knowledge about the festival. Scratch your brain and answer these quiz questions. Spot your rewarding scorecard too.

Answer the questions below:
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  1. The festival is celebrated once in how many years?

  2. Kandali is a festival of which Indian state?

  3. Kandali festival commemorated the bravery of whom?

  4. Kandali flower blooms how many times every twelve years?

  5. What is the name of the assembly which is held on return to the village?

  6. What is the name of the valley where the festival is celebrated?

  7. Kandali is festivals are organized by which community?

  8. Chaudan valley consists of how many villages?

  9. The Kandali festival is held for how many weeks?

  10. Zorawar Singh's army attacked the place in which year?

  11. The festivities begin by worshipping which deity?

  12. What is the name of the tool that women carry?

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