Phulaich Festival
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About Phulaich Festival

The Phulaich is a famous festival of beautiful Himachal Pradesh. In the month of September the district of Kinnaur gets prepared for a grand celebration. Himachal PradeshOokayand and Ukyam are the other names of the Phulaich festival. The 16th day of the Hindu month of ‘Bhadrapada’ marks the striking beginning of the Phulaich festival. Natives of the stunning and mesmerizing land call it the festival of flowers. This is the festive season when the whole valley is adorned with dotted flowers.

This exciting and lively festival is also celebrated to commemorate them who have left the world. Wine, rice and foods are offered to the deceased people. Foods are given to the poor people later. The festive moods are prominent on each and every villager. Holiday makers and tourists throng the place during the Festival and also participate in various events.

After this foremost ritual, Natives assemble together to visit the Dhangaspa family house to pay tributes to the family members. Drums are played and bugles are blown in order to greet and salute the heroic team that climbed up the hill top to accumulate the flowers.

Villagers carry war weapons to depict and display the ancient war scenes while they perform during the Phulaich fair.

A procession, surrounded by gold and silver idols of the deities, is an attraction which can be seen on 20th of the month. The villagers dance and celebrate the festival under the trees during the festival days. They are dressed up in colorful attires. All the deities are brought back to their original abode (temple) on 23rd day of the Bhadrapada. Goat and lamb sacrifices are quite common. This marks the end of the eventful festival.

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