Phulaich Festival
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On the particular day (16th day of the Hindu month of ‘Bhadrapada’), ten Rajputs (Belong to warrior family), went uphill to pick some of the wonderful and impressive flowers. BrahmakamalThey had spent the whole day and the next day as well on the beautiful hill of colorful flowers.

The batch of Rajputs came back with the assortments of flowers and fragrance. The sweet aroma was really charming. People who were experiencing the smell for the very first time felt giddy and excited. Village dwellers, who visited the forests which were famous for these sweet and aromatic flowers, fell in love with the mesmerizing place and the fragrance of the blooming flowers around. The cosmos around was fascinating and had the power to engross the mind and soul. All the inhabitants dance and celebrate the 18th night with charismatic music beneath the deodar trees. This fastidious festival of Himachal Pradesh continues for a week.

The returns of the villagers were celebrated as Phulaich festival. The varieties and wonders of the flourishing wild flowers are the prime charm and highlight of the festival.

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