Phulaich Festival
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Phulaich Quiz

A bag full of knowledge! Yes, truly this is a realistic chance to hit the bull’s eye and gain bountiful knowledge about the striking festival of Phulaich. Sit and relax on your chair in your own cozy den and tickle your brain for the answers of these quiz questions. Select the right answer to spot your increasing score. Refer this page to your friends and loved ones if you like it.

Answer the questions below:
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  1. The Phulaich festival Is celebrated in —

  2. Which state of India celebrates the festival?

  3. Which district in Himachal is famous for the festival?

  4. What is the meaning of Phulaich?

  5. The festival continues for

  6. According to the Hindu calendar, in which month the festival is observed?

  7. The Phulaich festival starts on which day of the Bhadrapada?

  8. The Phulaich festival ends on which day of the Bhadrapada?

  9. Animal sacrifices are done during the festival —

  10. The Phulaich festival is also known as Ookayand Festival. What is the meaning of "Oo"?

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