Thanksgiving Coloring Book

Coloring! An activity we all loved when we were kids. And all kids love it. It also helps to develop the left and the right side on the brain in conjunction in kids. Here, we have assorted a collection of images, that you can print out, and give it to your kids for coloring. After coloring, you can hang the sheets in a wall, for bringing in the Thanksgiving mood, and to liven up your parties. The kids also feel proud, if their work is displayed and appreciated. So scroll down, and click on each of them to print them.

A new window will open once you click on the thumb. Issue FILE--> Print command from that new window to print the outline for painting or coloring. Print all of them, you will love them all!
pilgrim and cornucopia
thanksgiving turkey
pilgrim with turkey
pilgrims with turkey
pilgrim hunting
owl singing
turkey and a wolf
roasted turkey for thanksgiving
serving turkey
pilgrim with gun
pilgrim and indian
a drunk turkey
thanksgiving dinner
turkey with green coat
pilgrim cutting turkey roast
turkey with a placard
A boy and a girl
roasted turkey for thanksgiving dinner
A turkey
a boy and a turkey
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