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You will need:-

1. Long sleeved black T-shirt
2. Large sheet of card
3. Chalk fabric marker
4. Fabric paint (white)
5. Pot of water
6. Thick paintbrush

Instructions:-1. Insert card inside the T-shirt body and sleeves. Use the chalk fabric marker to draw outlines of the shoulder blades, rib cage, spine and hips on to front of the T-shirt. Draw outlines of the arm bones on to both sleeves.2. Use the thick brush to paint the bones on the front of the T-shirt with white fabric paint. To make the bones really white, apply two coats. Allow the paint to dry between coats.3. To finish off, paint the bones on both sleeves. Leave the white fabric paint to dry thoroughly between coats. All you have to do now, is wait for the full Moon!4. To repeat the design on to the back, allow the T-shirt to dry. Then turn it over and repeat the steps 1, 2 and 3.Crafts for All Souls Day


You need:-
Paper plates, Cardboard, egg cartons


1) Cut eye holes in a large paper plate.

2) Cut apart the cups of an egg carton and arrange them on the plate to make a nose, bumps, beard etc.

3) When you have an arrangement you like, use glue or masking tape to attach the cups in place.

4) Paint the mask with finger paints and add facial features. Let the paint dry.

5) Punch a hole in each side of the paper plate and string a piece of elastic or string through each hole to go around the head.


You need:-
Various size metal cans, Hammer and sharp nail or awl

Paint the cans with different vibrant colors. Then draw outline of figures like bats, pumpkins, etc. Then tap small holes outlining your design. Place candle inside the can, and darken the room.


You need:-
White wax
Wax boil bags
Glass jars
Old broken crayons
Pencil or Chops Sticks


1) Get hold of a clear jar.
2) Purchase boil bags, wax and wicks from a local craft store.
3) Assemble all your broken crayons and separate them into color schemes. Use a sharp knife for better results.

The most difficult part is to get the wicks to stand up straight while the wax is being poured. To make things easier, tape the wick to a chop stick (if you have one) or pencil and lay that on top of the jar. The candle will not burn well if the wick is not straight.

4) After the jars are ready, melt the white wax in a boil bag.

5) Pour the wax, a little at a time and add the broken crayons to the mix.

6) The crayons melt on the virtue of the wax being hot and the effect is very artistic.

7) Once the jar is full, top it off with a handful of some interesting color. The hot wax caused the colors to "run" into the candles.


It is an old Greek custom to hang a wreath of fresh flowers on your door to celebrate special occasions. The rings are made of raffia, grass, vines or any other supple material. The stems of the flowers are cut to three inches or so and wired onto the garland. 1. Gather a bundle of long grass. If the grass is too dry to shape into a circle, wet it down before shaping it and binding it with twine, fishing line or floral wire.

2. Bind the small bunches of flowers together using floral wire. Leave some of the larger flowers separate. 3. Randomly secure the bunches of flowers and the single ones to the grass wreath.
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