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Chinese Zodiac: Rat

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You are ambitious yet honest, prone to spend freely. Seldom make lasting friendships. Most compatible with Dragons and Monkeys. Least compatible with the horses.

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Check love compatibility of Chinese Zodiac With Rat

dog & dog
Rat & Dog
The problem is the boredom. A feeling of boredom is a must in this relationship as long as both of them can not reinventing themselves and the relationship. Try and get to know the new aspects of the relationship and life. A rat and a dog both are very hard working but like to stay back at home always. To add up some spice in life it is mandatory to go out and have fun together. There is no dearth of fondness and warmth in the relationship.    Top
dog & horse
Rat & Horse
A rat can get on to the nerves of a horse most of the times. On smallest of issues they argue with each other. Often a rat finds the faults in horse and horse doesn’t like it. So, there is always a point on which both of them squabble. At times it is quite helpful if you ask any outsider to help you out on an issue.    Top
dog & monkey
Rat & Monkey
The brave and clever pair of rat and monkey can match each other quite well. The couple can overcome any problem if both of them can stay together. Secretive rat and outspoken monkey have a mutual respect for each other. Even though monkeys are calculative and take life very seriously but rats are not complaining about the nature of monkeys. A rat can fiddle with with the monkey without animosity.  Top
dog & sheep
Rat & Sheep
Rat is rabid and worldly while a sheep is a sensitive artist. The match between a rat and a sheep is definitely not made in the heaven. The relationship for a while may seem very rosy but gradually everything gets gloomy. The relationship can be stable if both of you try earnestly. The sheep has to be more focused on anything and everything and the rat has to cut down his/her zealousness.  Top
dog & tiger
Rat & Tiger
An unwavering rat can compliment well with the belligerent tiger. Both of them can make a positive and committed relationship. Protection of his family is the most important thing to a tiger. A rat and a tiger can make a compassionate and compatible relationship as long as there is no big issues exist. Obstacles will not be any problem for your positive perspective. Overall the erratic tigers and secretive rats can make a long lasting relationship.  Top
dog & pig
Rat & Pig
Consciousness and realization are the keys. Both individuals love to have fun but one can cross the limit often and that becomes a problem for the other partner. It is necessary to understand each other properly. Everyone has something hidden in his/her mind. It is important to understand or try to understand that passion of the other partner and realize his/her feelings. The couple has to find out a common hobby or a common sport and enjoy together. Top
dog & rat
Rat & Rat
Both want to establish the supremacy. As both of them have the same personality traits both of them need to put some extra effort to make a successful relationship. Both of them know what they need to do exactly but still at times it is very difficult for them to understand each other. Passionate and business savvy couple should carefully manage their relationship and raise a family. Top
dog & rabbit
Rat & Rabbit
Rat has an active character while Rabbit is quite passive and dormant. So, the love between them never seems sufficient enough. Both of them find each other distant apart. The rat thinks that the rabbit is not that keen in the relationship, even if this is not the actual case. Top
dog & snake
Rat & Snake
Although the traits of a rat and a snake look a bit different but things are not like that in their relationship. A rat is adventurous but a snake holds back always but they can enjoy their romantic days together. They believe on their relationships and can take pleasure in every facet of life. Just control both of your emotions and jealousies and you have everything to make a romantic and happy couple. Top
dog & rooster
Rat & Rooster
Instead of being affectionate and considerate a rooster wants to figure out faults of his/her partner. Maintaining and taking care of family become an issue for the rooster. To continue the relationship nicely just a bit of compromise and adjustments are needed. A rat has to be a bit considerate and the rooster has to hold his/her nerves and control his/her emotion.    Top
dog & ox
Rat & Ox
Rat and ox make a nice pair. It is quite easy for them to adjust with each other. Though both of their traits are different but still the family they make is blissful always. Rats like to devote him in works while an ox is very caring and steady in a relationship and in working environment. Affectionate lovers understand each other nicely. They like to express their feelings and love to each other. An ox doesn’t take the reserved and intense nature of a rat personally.   Top
dog & dragon
Rat & Dragon
A rat and a dragon can win the race. The couple can go ahead and win any business venture on there day. Both of them know each other very properly and have an innate ability to back each other anytime. They can work together as a combined force. Both of them understand the quintessence of life and try to enjoy their lives to the fullest. They know how to take out the pulp from the fruit. Top
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