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Chinese Zodiac: Sheep

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Elegant and creative, you are timid and prefer anonymity. You are most compatible with the Boars and the Rabbits, but never the Ox

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Check love compatibility of Chinese Zodiac With Sheep

dog & dog
Sheep & Dog
They are quite different with their personality traits but both of them love synchronization. It is difficult for a sheep to take quick decision. So, he/she roams around a problem whereas the dog is steadfast and achieves the goal steadily. The sheep gets worried in everything and depression can be a drawback for the dog. Concentrate on your partner and relationship. That will help you to make a charming relationship in the long run. It is quite difficult to maintain the harmony without an extra effort.   Top
dog & horse
Sheep & Horse
The soft-spoken sheep is contented with witted horse. The sheep follows the horse and horse is very pleased with that. They are compatible and can complement each other nicely. Wit and humor of the couple help to solve their problems in relationship. If any major issue comes up then the horse gets annoyed and irritated with the sheep but a polite apology can easily solve the problem.    Top
dog & monkey
Sheep & Monkey
Business minded monkeys are poles apart from the sheep with their personality traits. Highly emotional and sluggish sheep is inundated by the courage and wit of his/her partner. The monkey is more concerned with money and business terms. The sheep doesn’t understand much about the trickeries of monkey. Simple and artistic sheep works hard to maintain the harmony. Be prepared to travel an extra mile for a loving relationship. Try to adjust with each other and accept your partner’s shortcoming with a smile.   Top
dog & sheep
Sheep & Sheep
Starting from the morning till the night, there are very few things on which this couple squabbles. The highly enthusiastic couple is kind and ingenious in their mundane daily work. At times both of them are indecisive. If they plan for an exotic trip then they are unable to decide their destination. Because of this indecisiveness they miss out the enjoyment. They both are weak in willpower and that affects their business affairs as well. It is wise to prepare a list and set your priorities. Otherwise it may so happen that because of your vacillation you will not be able to complete the important work on time.   Top
dog & tiger
Sheep & Tiger
A tiger and a sheep are excellent friends. A horse is quite empathetic and can make a tiger contented in relationship. The tiger loves his partner a lot and always thinks of sheep’s comfort. Compatibility will not be a problem ever. Believe in the long term relationship and you will not be far away from it.  Top
dog & pig
Sheep & Pig
They are the soul mates. Caring pig will offer his/her shoulder to his/her partner to cry on. The pig is always there to support the sheep if needed. They can take the pleasure of life if they stay together. Both of them love each other profoundly and are committed. Health can cause some problems. So, it’s prudent to join a gym or take a long walk to keep yourselves healthy. Don’t be too concerned about your relationship. It will work out fine until the end of time.  Top
dog & rat
Sheep & Rat
A rat can get on the nerves of a horse most of the times. On smallest of issues they argue with each other. Often a rat finds the faults in horse and horse doesn’t like it. So, there is always a point on which both of them squabble. At times it is quite helpful if you ask any outsider to help you out on an issue.  Top
dog & rabbit
Sheep & Rabbit
The couple never forgets to appreciate the nature’s blessings and beauty. They approach their lives with an intention to make a blissful family with children. Empathetic couple thinks alike and has a lot of affection for each other. Their intention is always constructive. They want to make a flowery world where each and everyone can get what he/she deserves. They are soul mates. Top
dog & snake
Sheep & Snake
The sheep doesn’t like the nature of the pushy and rational snake. The affable sheep doesn’t like to leave his/her partner for the sake of their children. The sheep doesn’t like loneliness. But it is better to go separate ways rather than staying together. You both will be happier if you are friends or business partners. The snake has to be a bit more compassionate and caring for the snake. Top
dog & rooster
Sheep & Rooster
The rooster wants to show himself/herself as a disciplined manager. The rooster wants sheep to work according to his/her directions and rooster doesn’t like the sheep to intervene in any of his activities. It is very difficult for the sheep to fiddle with the constant needling of the rooster. The rooster thinks that the sheep is not very keen in the relationship due to the sheep’s wishy-washy attitude. The chemistry between them is really awful. If the rooster doesn’t cut down his/her ascendancy then they will not be able to see the good time ever.     Top
dog & ox
Sheep & Ox
An ox and a sheep are poles apart with their behavior and thinking. The sheep likes to live life lavishly and liberally while an ox is straightforward and prudent. Don’t run after money always, if you do that you will not be able to enjoy the relationship. Communicate between yourselves about financial terms and stability.   Top
dog & dragon
Sheep & Dragon
The dragon is protective towards the sheep and the sheep is quite liberal. The home sick sheep doesn’t mind if the dragon craves for some excitements in life. Both of them respect each other’s individual traits. It is important to be satisfied and contented with each other if you really want to make a pleasing relationship. Accept the individuality and respect your partner in spite of the differences. Don’t ever forget to offer space to your partner to maintain the integrity of the relationship. Top
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