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Chinese Zodiac: Tiger

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Tiger people are aggressive, courageous, candid and sensitive. Look to the Horse and the Dog for your happiness. But beware of the Monkey

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dog & dog
Tiger & Dog
The dog admires the willpower and potency of the tiger. The dog always follows the rule and tiger always respects that. The tiger is egoist but the dog manages it quite impressively. You will realize that the life and relationship both are full of ups and downs but the union between you is indissoluble.    Top
dog & horse
Tiger & Horse
A tiger sets goals and plans to accomplish goals. Freewheeler and pushy horse always gives his/her best to make a wonderful relationship with his/her partner. They are open to new ideas which make them triumphant in every aspect of life. Intrepid and spontaneous couple understands the significance of giving space to his/her partner. Out going couple also gives importance to candor. Setting a target is not very difficult but make sure that you choose the right way to achieve them. It is imperative for both of you to think similarly and work in concert.   Top
dog & monkey
Tiger & Monkey
Characters of a tiger and a monkey are poles apart. A tiger believes in displaying his paramount strength and vigor while a monkey is more comfortable to accomplish the target by deception. Both of them are ambitious and indulge in a competition with each other. Strain and stress will always be there in the relationship if you don’t work together to achieve the peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to ask for a help from an outsider if needed.    Top
dog & sheep
Tiger & Sheep
A tiger and a sheep are excellent friends. A horse is quite empathetic and can make a tiger contented in relationship. The tiger loves his partner a lot and always thinks of sheep’s comfort. Compatibility will not be a problem ever. Believe in the long term relationship and you will not be far away from it.   Top
dog & tiger
Tiger & Tiger
They are compatible to some extent but they can never make an agreeable relationship. Both of them like to be independent but squabble in trivial matters. They get irritated and can’t give enough time to each other. They are engrossed in an ugly war if their children are involved in it. Never forget to live life happily because the life is too short to keep grudges for your loved ones.  Top
dog & pig
Tiger & Pig
In real world the tiger never gives it a second thought before bolting the pig. But in Chinese zodiac they both make an excellent and loving couple. Honest and friendly pigs can forgive others quite easily and the tiger loves to be forgiven. The pig respects the tiger and the tiger is comfortable and happy if the pig accompanies him. They are comfortable and lively everywhere. Both of them are the achievers. So, maintaining the integrity of the relationship should not be a problem.  Top
dog & rat
Tiger & Rat
A tiger and a rat both can complement each other compassionately. A tiger is unpredictable but sensitive rat never creates an issue on anything. Rat wants to be happy always with his/her partner. A rat loves to be successful in working life. Responsible rats are family men. A tiger is also very protective but aggressive. Both of them love to have children and provide them the best things of the world. Their optimistic attitudes help them to be successful in every field of life.  Top
dog & rabbit
Tiger & Rabbit
The aggressiveness is a big drawback in this relationship. When a tiger shouts on a rabbit, the soft and calm rabbit tries to find out a place to hide. The tiger wants an emotionally strong person in his life but the rabbit is not very strong emotionally. No one is perfect. It is mandatory for them to compromise and communicate. Both have to be soft and co-operative. The tiger should control his aggressive nature while the rabbit should also increase his/her buoyancy.  Top
dog & snake
Tiger & Snake
The snake certainly doesn’t like the high flier and aggressive attitude of a tiger. A snake always like to confine him/her in a room alone while a tiger likes to go out and let the world know about his arrival. Cool and aloof nature of a snake irritates the tiger more often than not. Tiger wants enthusiasm in his friends and family. It is lacking in a snake’s character. Cool it down and learn to live life with a constructive attitude. Top
dog & rooster
Tiger & Rooster
They both admire each other. They are not afraid of controversies. So, they can live life to the fullest. The aggressive and diplomatic tiger admires and appreciates rooster’s enthusiasm and his/her approach to life. The social rooster always likes to accompany his/her debonair partner. Communicate with your partner even if the problem is petty and trivial. Try to live your life blissfully.    Top
dog & ox
Tiger & Ox
The tiger doesn’t like the slow approach of an ox. Priorities are different for both of them and they are not willing to sacrifice anything. The tiger never misses a chance to affront his partner but the ox takes it all lightly until he/she breaks loose. Invest a lot of time to be happy in the relationship. If you both learn to sacrifice a bit and appreciate each other then the relationship may work out.    Top
dog & dragon
Tiger & Dragon
Both of the signs of the Chinese zodiacs always strive for more and more power. They don’t display it on their face but they want to dominate the other partner whenever possible. They forget that life is a give and take. No relation can continue for endless time but for a charming and long term relationship it is required to understand each other. Respect your partner and get the respect back. You can get along if you try to unlearn your old ethics and relearn new lessons for a flourishing relationship. Top
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