Star Gift Tags

Stars are forever, right from the time of Magi. Get some ideas and make star shaped gift tags for your christmas gifts this season. Enjoy a bright Christmas time with your family.

Making of Star Gift Tags

Materials needed

  • Template
    (provided here)
  • Craft Knife.
  • A 12" strip of medium gauge.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Wire cutters.
  • A 20" piece of fine-gauge silver wire.
  • Small silver star.
  • A strip of red ribbon (7" X ΒΌ mm).
  • Double-sided tape.

How to make

  1. Lay the star template on the green cardstock and trace its design.
  2. Using craft knife, cut the shape out.
  3. Using the template as a reference, bend the medium-gauge wire strip into a star shape. While the two ends should overlap a little, any excess wire is to be cut off.
  4. Uniformly wrap the fine-gauge wire around the star shape. Ascertain that the two ends are fitted well inside the binding. Trim any extra wire off.

  1. Twine a short length of fine-gauge wire around one of the pointed edges of the star, leaving two short wire pieces at the back.
  2. Poke a small hole in the green star.
  3. Pass the ends of the wire through the hole. Bend them over to hold in place. Cut off any extra wire. Do the same at the base of the star.
  4. Using glue, stick the small silver star in the middle of the tag.
  5. Fold the red ribbon. Tape it in position on the back of the tag.