Festive Cup Cake

Cup cakes have been old time favorites. Bring this nostalgia alive by preparing these cup cakes. The recipe is really simple.

Festive Cup Cake


For the Iced Christmas Trees dough:
1) Plain flour - 2 1/2 cups (11 oz./310 g).
2) Superfine sugar - 1 cup (4 oz./100 g).
3) Cocoa - 3 tbsp.
2) Baking Soda - 1 tsp.
3) Baking powder - 1 tsp.
4) Buttermilk - 1/2 cup (4 fl oz./125 ml).
5) Egg - 1, large.
6) Warm water - 1/2 cup (4 fl oz./125 ml).
7) Oil - 1/4 cup (2 fl oz./56 ml).
8) Vanilla - 1/2 tsp.
9) Chocolate and vanilla icings, decorating icing, small candies and silver balls (for decoration).

1) Whisk the flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder, buttermilk, egg, water, oil and vanilla together in a mixing bowl until they have blended well.

2) Turn over the oven temperature to 350 degree Fahrenheit (Gas Mark 4).

3) Use cupcake paper liners to line muffin cups.

4) Spoon the mixture into the liners to 3/4th of the cup height.

5) Bake the mixture for approximately 20 mins. Try to insert a tooth pick into the center of the cupcake. If it comes out clean, you need not bake the mixture anymore.

6) Transfer the cupcakes to a wire rack. Let cool for sometime.

7) Use chocolate confectioners' sugar as icing on half of the cupcakes.

8) Use vanilla to ice the rest of the cupcakes.

9) Adorn each of the cupcakes beautifully with piped colored decorating icing, small candies, silver balls and cake decorations like mimosa balls.