Facts on Columbus Day

Here are some cool and interesting facts on Columbus, the man who is supposed to have discovered America, and celebrates Columbus day in his honor. Read on, enjoy and share with your friends:

  1. Christopher Columbus never set foot on North American soil and never actually reached North America. He actually landed on an island in the Bahamas, which he thought to be an Indian island.

  2. Only one of Columbus' famous ships, the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria, is known by its real name. the Santa Maria, which is the most famous, was named the Gallega, and the Nina was a nickname for the Santa Clara. Pinta was the original name of the ship.

  3. Columbus and his men are said to have brought the diseases syphilis back to Europe.

  4. No one actually knows what Columbus looks like. Experts believe that the portraits of Columbus were not actually drawn of him.

  5. Columbus Day has been a National Holiday in the United States since 1937. It was first celebrated in the United States in New York on October 12th, 1792.

  6. Christopher Columbus discovered the new world on October 12, 1492.

  7. Christopher Columbus was not the explorer's real name. Experts believe that it was closer to Crisstofa Corumbo.

  8. People at his time knew and believed that the world was round, and so claim to his bravery that people thought one would fall of the earth's edge was not true. The estimate of earth's size was not proper, but its shape was beyond doubt.

  9. Columbus had been cruel, killing and enslaving people. This is the reason people are rejecting this holiday, and have given rise to the term 'Columbus controversy'.

  10. Many historians believe Columbus was born in the Italian port city of Genoa -- but others think he was born on the island of Corsica – sharing his place of birth with Napoleon Bonaparte!

  11. Columbus wrote in Spanish -- not Italian! -- his entire life!

  12. No one knows Columbus's finally resting place! He was buried in Spain, then in 1536 his remains were moved to Hispaniola (Haiti), then in 1899 they were returned to Spain, and reburied in 1902 -- three years later!

  13. Although many paintings show Columbus coming ashore with a priest, the first voyage included no priests! Five priests came on the second -- much larger -- voyage.

  14. Columbus Day is proudly celebrated by Italian-Americans everywhere -- but amazingly! -- Columbus may not even be Italian!

  15. Contrary to popular myth, Spain's svelte but thrifty Queen Isabella never sold her jewelry to pay for Columbus's voyage! She and hubby Ferdinand financed the trip partly through investors -- Italian investors!

  16. Parts of Columbus may also lie in Italy and the Dominican Republic. For a while -- they were in Cuba!

  17. Columbus left Spain with three ships, but returned with only two. The Santa Maria was shipwrecked in 1492 -- on Christmas Day!

  18. Columbus died forgotten -- but not poor! He died peacefully, relatively rich, and surrounded by friends and family.
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