Games for Diwali

Some fireworks, add to it a generous dose of sweets, sprinkle some get-togethers and festive wishes on top and add a dash of TheHolidaySpot. The recipe for a successful Diwali can hardly get better than this. To bring you some more heady entertainment, TheHolidaySpot presents you with Kill Asura - a cool Diwali game that is quite in keeping with the festive sprit. Play this extremely exciting game and add to your Diwali celebrations. If you love playing this cool Diwali game, click here to share it with your friends and dear ones. Enjoy Diwali like never before with TheHolidaySpot!
Playing this Diwali game requires you to kill the asuras that enter into the screen from below. A single click on an asura head is all that is required to terminate it. The death of every asura will gain you a point. Your performance depends on the total number of asuras you can annihilate:

Figures Performance
0-38 asuras Average
39-76 asuras Good
77 - 114 asuras Excellent

Games for Diwali

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