Matching Game Puzzle Answers

Dragon Boat Festival Matching Game Answers

Here is the solved matching game puzzle. Check out the solutions and find out whether you have managed to solve the puzzle correctly.

1) Zhou is a D. Dynasty
2) Pearl is a H. River
3) Delta is a F. Region
4) Dragon Boat Festival Began in Hong Kong during A. 1976
5) Dragon Boat Festival is known as I. Duanwu Festival
6) Dragon Boat Festival is a public Holiday in B. Republic of China
7) Dragon Boat is a holiday since E. 1940s
8) Dragon Boat is observed on the J. 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar
9) Dragon Boat commemorates the death of C. Qu Yuan
10) The most popular dish during Dragon Boat Festival is G. Tzung Tzu
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