Dear __________,

Spring comes here again and it is Eastertime once more. Mrs. Bunny and I have been colouring eggs all morning but I managed to squeeze some time out to write to you. The pile of letters I have to write would have made me dread this time of the year had it not been for the pleasure of reaching out to good kids like you.

Oh yes! You have been good all through this year and as you must be knowing, I always like those who are gentle, kind, loving, compassionate, obedient and well-behaved. Your conduct has been honorable and I am going to reward you this Easter day. I will be arriving with my basket of goodies and there will be some beautifully decked eggs there for you, maybe even a jellybean or two...try guessing the rest.

Enjoy the egg-hunts, treasure search and games but also spend some time to relish the beauty of nature. Easter is the time for new beginnings and it is a pity to miss the lovely flowers and the verdure that spring gifts us all. It is truly a wonderful time, a welcome season after the chilly winter months.

Celebrate Easter and be on the look-out for me. With some luck, you can spot me hippity-hopping around your house before Easter day.

Your friend,

The Easter Bunny.