Hello _____,

I think you are smart enough to guess who this is? Yep, I'm the one you keep looking for every Easter. I'm the one and only Easter bunny.

Your mummy and daddy just informed me how good you have been all year long. I must admit it is an appreciable conduct for someone of your age and you deserve every bit of the exciting treats I am going to present you with this Easter.

Yes, I'm coming to your area and I will hide some nice, colourful eggs around your house. They will not be too hard for you to find but you can always ask your friends ____, _____ and _____ to help you. When you find them, share them with your friends. You must also partake the other treats with your family members and buddies. Remember, the joy of Easter lies in giving and this is the time when Jesus Christ arose from a lifeless state to give us his message of peace.

I must stop writing now and hippity-hop to the homes I must visit. I promise to drop by your home on Easter eve. We may not meet but I will drop your gifts at your home for sure. I hope you will enjoy them. Enjoy Easter and have a nice time with your friends and family.

Lots of love,

The Easter Bunny.