Dear _______,

This is the Easter bunny writing to you.

Winter has passed and the nature has again worn its beauteous look, as if to prepare herself and us for the wonderful Easter season. You must have begun your Easter preparations? It is almost time dear and things are on at full swing even here at Bunny Land.

All my bunny friends and I have been making arrangements for the oncoming celebrations for sometime now. As you know, the real joy of easter is in providing happiness to others as is the case with every other festival. We have all been working real hard to make this Easter season more funfilled for you than the last one or the ones before that. Everyone here is helping me colour the eggs, pack the chocolates and candies and wrap the gifts that I must take along to present you all with.

I have been observing your activities for a year now and boy, you were real good! I always feel happy to reward good souls and your conduct this year has pleased me very much. In fact, I am going to reward you grandly this time. I know you love stuffed toys. Would you like a hollow easter bunny? Let me see if I can get one that looks like myself.
The packing is almost finished and I must hippity-hop with my basket or it will be late. Hope this Easter turns out to be the best one ever for you and your friends.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses,

Your Easter Bunny.