Dearest _________,

Hope you were expecting a note from me? Well, a full year has passed and I am writing again to you. Are you enjoying the sunny spring days as much I? Keep looking on, for you may get lucky and spot me somewhere.

As you read his letter, I may already be hopping all the way to your area to toss the goodies and gifts you are looking for. Yep, gifts are coming your way soon as you have been so good this time.

But you know something? Those who love us are our real gifts. A gift from me or anyone can make you happy and give you pleasure for sometime. But what really gives joy to you, or for that matter anyone, is the love of our dear ones, friends and family members. It is his love for us, his love for all mankind and love for God that brought Jesus back to life and that gave us the beautiful Easter season. Look around and you will find all of nature dressing up every year to celebrate this wonderful time.

Love everybody, like everyone and share happiness wherever you go. That is when your Easter bunny will truly be happy.

Lots of hugs, kisses and congratulations again for being so well all year. Well done! Keep up the good work and you will be surprised how much love and respect you get from everyone.

Happy Easter!

Your Bunny.