Adorable ________,

The wait is finally over and Easter is again round the corner for us with its usual beauteous bounty. Guess you are a little miffed with me for not writing a note in the past few months but things are pretty hectic here at Bunnyland with all of us sitting down with the lists of good boys and girls and deciding on the right gifts for you all.

Yup, your name is there alright and be relaxed that some exciting rewards will soon be coming your way. I am so proud of you. I know your wish, the Easter Bunny that I am, and I will put something special in your basket this time, something that you have been wanting lately. But keep up being the good kid that you are or my generosity will not be the same next time.

By the way, do you know how the Easter festival got its beautiful name? Well, the name in fact comes from "Eastre", an ancient German goddess of Spring who was worshipped long long back during this time. I, the rabbit, used to represent her and that is how I got associated to the occassion. I love the festival as much as I love you all good children out there. And that is why I hop to you all with my baskets every Eastertime.

Well, enough of writing. I must stop and make haste for my bunny friends have finished packing all the baskets. The decorations are also coming to a finish at my Easter egg workshop. Have a very happy Eastertime with your folks and friends. Tell them that I will be at your place soon.


The Easter Bunny.