Dearest little _______,

The beautiful spring season is here at long last and it brings along Easter, my most favourite occassion of the year. Hope you are as super excited as I am and preparing yourself for this wonderful festival?

Most of us forget what Easter is all about and that is bad you know? Long long back, the great Lord Jesus arose from his grave around such a time to show us that God loves us all and HE gave life to those who loved others and believed in HIM. He was born again to tell us that we should stop fighting, love each other and live in peace every hour of our life. So you should try and be good to everybody so that we all can smile and always be happy.

I see that you have been real good this year and my friend Santa has also written well about you. You did well at school, obeyed your folks, behaved well with teachers and friends and also took care of many a bad habit. You have truly made me proud and I am soon going to drop a big reward at your place. Keep looking, you may find it anytime soon.

Well, I better stop and set out for my journey. I cannot wait for you to see what I have kept in your Easter basket this time. Wish you a grand and happy eastertime!

Lots of rabbit hugs,

The Easter Bunny.