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Easter Bonnet competition

The Easter Bonnet is a longstanding tradition for the Christian nations. Encourage the kids at your home to make their own Easter bonnets with some simple materials. Let them enjoy this pleasurable Easter activity.

What you need (for each group):
1) Cotton balls.
2) Paper plates - 2.
3) A sheet of colored construction paper.
4) Crayons.
5) Markers.
6) Easter grass.
7) Tape.
8) Glue.
9) Hole puncher.
10) A pair of scissors.
11) Coloured yarn/ribbon. 12) Colorful pipe cleaners.

Easter Bonnet Also needed:
A large table and a ballot box.
To know how to make a paper plate Easter bonnet, click here.

1) Set a large table (or two large tables side by side) at one corner of the room.

2) Split the participants into different groups, with four people in each unit. Write down the instructions to make the bonnets on a paper. Make as many copies as there are groups. Provide each group with an instruction manual.

3) Hand over the raw materials to each group of participants.

4) Ask each group to start making the bonnets and complete it within a fixed time period. 2 1/2 hours shall be enough.

5) After every group has finished, ask them to submit their bonnets to you.

6) Ask everyone to choose the best bonnet, writing their votes on pieces of paper and placing them in a box.

7) Choose the first, second and the third winner as per the votes they receive.

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