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Easter Egg spinning contest

The simplest of Easter games you can set at parties and family gatherings and have maximum fun. Egg spinning game basics from TheHolidaySpot.
What you need:
1) Eggs.
2) An electronic watch.
3) Young, energetic players.
4) A medium-sized, smooth table.
5) Small Easter stickers.
6) A trash bucket.
7) Young, energetic players.

Easter Egg Spinning Steps:
1) Purchase as many eggs as there are players.

2) Paste a small sticker on each of the eggs and write on them the name of the players thus indicating which egg goes to which player.

3) Hand over an egg to each player. Ask one of them to spin his egg on the table surface as you say "START".

4) Monitor how many seconds the player is able to spin his egg for with the help of your electronic watch. Mark the start and end time

5) Ask the next player to spin his/her egg around like a top.

6) The one who makes his egg spin the longest wins the contest. Reward the winner with a well decorated candy-egg.

1) The contestants should come one by one. Else it will be difficult for you to supervise the time taken for individual spinning.

2) Keep the trash bucket ready in case there is a mess with an egg.

3) You should also award prizes to the contestants who come second and third. Also keep provisions for every contestant to make sure that none of the players go back home empty-handed.

4) Ask others to encourage the spinner with loud cheers and applause while you count the seconds. That will really add to the festive fun.

5) To avoid a mess, put the egg in the middle a plate or pie pan and spin.

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