Things to do with kids on Easter week
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Things to do with your kids on Easter week

How to Teach Children the Real Meaning of Easter

Easter is one of the holiest periods for the Christians, and like Christmas, you can teach about Easter to your kids by the method they love most: activity and magic.

For example, you can create a cardboard tomb and put a small figure of Jesus inside, and show your child that Jesus is lying in His tomb. On the day of resurrection, before the child gets up, you can remove the figure, and explain your child about how our sins are absolved and about resurrection. The child will remember it forever.

Kids with parents on Easter Eve


Prepare some Easter specific crafts. Click here to get some great craft ideas.

Pictures to Color

Print out some pictures to color themed to the occasion. Stay with them while they color it. You can get an entire free selection at the Pictures to Color section.

Treasure Hunt

Organize a Treasure Hunt and get a group of Kids to participate. If organizing it sounding too much a task, get a complete layout at the Treasure Hunt section.

Reading Poems

Read out a poem each day of the week, and explain to your kids on its deeper implication. Click here to get some Poems

Bunny Letter

The most beautiful one: Like Santa letters, you can now have the Easter Bunny send a letter to your kid for Easter. And the best part is, the letters are pre written, and you just have to personalize it with your child’s name. Sounds good? Just visit Bunny Letters page.

Theme Party

Throw a party for the kids, maybe after a treasure hunt, with the dress code as Easter. You will be amazed by the fun.

Cook Easter specific dishes, throughout the week

Cook an Easter special dish everyday. We have a great selection of Easter recipe dishes for you. Check out.

Share the History and Tradition

Easter as a holiday has a rich history and tradition in Christian roots. Also, there are various icons associated with Easter. Introduce your child to the same. Click here for the History.


And finally, do not forget the special prayers. Get some famous Easter Prayers.

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