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Easter Celebrations in Iceland

Easter Celebration in Iceland

Easter celebrations in Iceland

Easter is taken very seriously in Iceland, and in good religious fervour. While church masses are given their due importance and attendance, fun and frolic are strictly prohibited in Iceland at this time. Thus all clubs are closed, there are no parties, no card games, gambling or even lotteries.

The common Easter activities, like Easter egg decoration, decorations of home are practiced. The Icelandic Easter eggs are special though, not found elsewhere. They are filled with best quality chocolate and also carry a proverb, much like fortune cookies.

The most common outdoor activity is skiing. It is common for Icelanders to travel great distance across the country, just to find that perfect slope for skiing.

The ‘Easter Leg’ forms the Easter dinner. It comprises of a whole lamb leg, well roasted in low flame over a period of time, accompanied with sugar glazed potatoes and honey.

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