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Easter Celebrations in Netherlands

Easter is celebrated in the Netherlands in much the same way as in many Western countries. Chocolate eggs, big brunches and even he has a day or his two days off. Easter Monday is a public holiday, but Friday is a normal business day, except for civil servants and lucky holidays. There are some Easter traditions unique to Netherlands.

Easter Celebration in Netherlands, or Holland

Easter celebrations in Netherlands

The Dutch call it Pasen or Pasen Zondag.

There is a wonderful tradition in the Netherlands, which we thought, would be great if other countries follow as well. The kids at a primary school of Netherlands, gets a special Easter Tiffin box made for breakfast (and of course, their parents make it for them), which they will give to a fellow classmate. This way, everyone gets a breakfast box made coming from the home of a classmate of theirs. The rule is, the box should be wonderfully decorated with Easter theme (so no shortcuts) and it should contain all the menu items for a delicious breakfast. What a wonderful gesture!

Throughout the country Easter is celebrated as a great spring holiday. People lay tables for Easter dinner with charming decoration of coloured eggs and early flowers. Sweet bread stuffed with raisins and currant, is one of the favourite dishes of the Easter feast. However, the Dutch gastronomy is generally a bit on the lower side.

It is a special day for Amsterdam as well, where the famous performance of St Matthew Passion happens at the Concertgebouw. People are of the opinion that if you cannot go there every year, then go for it at least once in your lifetime.

Another special, and very traditional activity for many is to travel to out of town, to a park selling furniture, which are known as woonboulevard. Typical of the Dutch!, as they would say.

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