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Pencil Holder Craft

Making of Pencil Holder

Materials needed:

1) A few old magazines.
2) Colored paper.
3) A sheet of construction paper.
4) Hot glue gun.
5) An empty tin can.


1) Clean the tin can and blunt all its sharp edges (if any).
2) Cut from magazines the outlines of all those words that describe your dad.
3) Paste these onto different colors of paper and cut around them.
4) Cut a piece of construction paper, large enough to wrap around the can. Apply glue on one side of it.
5) Wrap the glued side of the construction paper around the can. Stick the different words to the construction paper making a collage.
6) Stick a piece of construction paper to the bottom of the can to cover its underside.
7) Enclose the whole craft within a gift wrapper. Gift it to dad and get a thanks in return!

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