Twisty Bracelet

Twisty Bracelet

This bracelet is almost like mixing a palette of coloured paints. But instead of using paints, you are twisting threads together to make new colours.

Materials Needed:

Stranded embroidery thread Stranded embroidery thread
Electrical TapeElectrical Tape

Stranded embroidery thread, Electrical tape and Scissors.

Twisty Bracelet - step 1 1. You will need six threads of different colours, each 70cm (27in) long. Tie them in a knot, 10cm (4in) from the top of the threads. Fasten them on to your work surface with electrical tape just above the knot.
Twisty Bracelet - step 2 2. Hole the ends of the threads together and twist them together in the same direction until they feel tight. The threads will start to get shorter.
Twisty Bracelet - step 3 3. Pull the twisted length straight and place your finger in the centre of it. Fold the twisted length in half and carefully remove your finger. As you do this, the twisted threads will wind around each other.
Twisty Bracelet - step 4 4. Remove the electrical tape and tie a knot in the free end. Tie this knot as close to the end as possible. Trim any uneven threads with scissors. To fasten the bracelet around your wrist or ankle, push the knot through the loop at the other end.

Handy hint

Be sure to hold on tightly to the twisted braid. If you let go before you have secured it with a knot, the twist will unwind.

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