Types of Friends

In this online age, friends can be categorical into many types. Each will have their own share of trust and involvement with you. A little advice on how you should manage yourself with your large plethora of friends.

Different people tend to have different taste and choices, thus the types of friends one chooses are also very subjective. It is the matter of one’s choice as to with whom one will gel well and who will be duly avoided. Thus in our everyday life we tend to meet innumerable people but we prefer stick to those with home our wavelength matches with perfection. Thus with the passage of time, these special person even become more special and finally comes to a point when true friends pledges about not leaving each other’s side.

However, every friend is not of the same kind. Some friends are patient and helpful while some are caring and full of life. Some are of reclusive kind while other prefers to be more explorative. Thus the equation shared between these friendships is directly proportional to the individual characteristics of the friends. Thus in order to understand the kind of friendship shared, do go through the related section underneath, as you will get a complete knowledge as to which friend should be treated with what mannerism.  Hence to be sure enough to enhance the friendship further and thus finally strengthen the bond.

Animal Friends

There isn’t any hard and fast rule that a human friendship is only restricted to another human only. In fact as per research itAnimal Friends has been proved that the friendship shared between a human and an animal is best of its kind. Thus for this very reason it has been rightly said by some eminent personality that ‘A dog is a man's best friend’. It is that kind of a bond which is overwhelmed with immense love and warmth.

Internet Friends

21st century has given a different connotation to the meaning of friends and friendship. Nowadays people no more belief on chances but definitely have ample choices. No more are the days when on matter of chance people became friends. Internet has given people a vast scope of selecting people of their own choice and then become friends with them. It is the era of social networking sites where friendship is shared between virtual people. Thus this kind of friendship is the modified form of pen pals.

Pen Friends

Making Pen Friends Though an old concept but was quite a popular one. It was a popular means of making friends when internet was not much in usage. Thus people wrote letters to people around the world and send them via post. Thus this kind of friendship used to bloom only via these written postal mails. These pen friendships actually aimed at knowing about different cultures, different lifestyles and to even get rid of loneliness.

Woman Friends

Many have a craving for making female friends only, for women can make you feel at the top of the world and can pamper you like crazy. They are more desired for they are quite prone to mood can stubbornness, cranky and unreasonably sulking nature but once they start showering their affection, all other issues overshadowed by this nature. Thus a woman, friendship can be really rewarding only if you are true to each other and respect each other’s sentiments.

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