Gopal-mochan Fair


The festival, celebrated with pomp and pageantry, Gopal Mochan, pulls crowds from distant lands to Bilaspur in Jagadhari tehsil.
Associated with the Hindu mythological tales, the festivity, observed around the holy land of Gopal Mochan tank, is not only popular to the hordes of pilgrims but huge number of holiday makers also are fascinated and are visiting this divine land with the desire of shedding their sins. According to the well known mythological tale, once Shiva went to rescue Saraswati from Vishnu as Vishnu persuaded her. In the process, Shiva had struck off the Brahma’s head. Shiva had ended up holding the lock of the Vishnu’s hair in his hand. Due to the electrifying effects of the lock of Vishnu’s hair, Shiva turned black with sins. Later on, Shiva came across a cow and a calf. The calf was planning to kill his master. Shiva tried to deter the calf from the sins but shortly discovered that the calf knows a place where the sins can be eradicated. After the calf killed his master, he straight away went to the Gopal Mochan tank to take a holy bath to shed his sins. Shiva observed the entire incident very closely and later on took a bath in the efficacious and righteous water of the tank to shed his sins as well. Since then the water of the tank has retained and preserved its virtue. Pilgrims along with the inhabitants partake in the dances, songs, dramas and cultural celebrations during the famous festive season.
History of Gopal-Mochan Fair
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Mythological beliefs
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