Halloween Stories

2 Line Stories

Short Horror stories at their best...Wrapped up in two sentences or less
  • Husband kills his wife while their 5 yr old son was still sleeping. The weird thing was that kid didn't ask 4 his mom even 3 days after she went missing. Father:" Is there something that you want to ask me ? "Kid : "I just wonder, why mom is always standing BEHIND YOU...
  • I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first, I thought it was the window untilI heard it come from the mirror again.
  • The last thing I saw was my alarm clock flashing 12:07 before she pushed her long rotting nails through my chest, her other hand muffling my screams. I sat bolt upright, relieved it was only a dream, but as I saw my alarm clock read 12:06, I heard my closet door creak open.
  • In all of the time that I've lived alone in this house, I swear to God I've closed more doors than I've opened.
  • A girl heard her mom yell her name from downstairs, so she got up & started to head down. As she got to the stairs, her mom pulled her into her room& said "I heard that, too."
  • My wife woke me up last night to tell me there was an intruder in our house. She was murdered by an intruder 2 yearsago.
  • I always thought my cat had a staring problem. she always seemed fixated on my face. Until one day, when I realized that she was always looking just behind me. 8.
  • There's nothing like the laughter of a baby. Unless it's 1 a.m. & you're home alone.
  • I begin tucking him into bed & he tells me, "Daddy, check for monsters under my bed."I look underneath for his amusement & see him.. another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, "Daddy, there's somebody on my bed."
  • You get home, tired after a long day's work & ready for a relaxing night alone. You reach for the light switch, butanother hand is already there.
  • There was a picture in my phone of me sleeping. I live alone.👹

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