Hanukkah Home Decorations and Party Decorations

Decorate your homes for Hanukkah parties yourself and for free. Use these simple, home-made ideas to deck up your homes for Chanukkah celebrations. No party supplies needed, you can make everything from little nothings of your house.

Hanukkah Decoration Idea

Hanukkah Decoration

The Jewish population have been celebrating Hanukkah for the past 3000 years in the month of December. This day is observed in order to celebrate the victory and freedom of the Jewish people. This festival is celebrated with a dazzle. Every Jewish household decorate their house with colourful candles, lights, balls and many more decorative items. Celebrated over eight day span, Hanukkah or Chanukah serves as the chief festival for the Jews. Thus during this eight day span, the Jews leave no stone unturned to give their house the best attire amongst the rest. So here’s your chance to give your house the best get-up. So make this year Hanukkah the best opportunity to decorate your house with flashy and colourful illuminations. Listed below are some of the Hanukkah decoration ideas which you can apply to decorate your household.

MenorahHanukkah Menorah:
Creating a homemade Hanukkah Menorah can be very easy. Take a piece of cardboard or foam board and with a pencil draw an outline of the Menorah on it. Then cut out the menorah and then wrap it with an aluminium foil. Now make candles for the menorah with colourful card stock paper and your menorah is ready. Place it on the fireplace or hang it on the wall or front door. Thus your Hanukkah nights can be brightened up.

Hanukkah DreidelsHanukkah Dreidels:
You can decorate your house with various colourful dreidels plastic dreidels, wooden dreidels, metallic dreidels, and fillable dreidels. .Then, fill the decorative shaped dreidel container with the traditional Hanukkah candy. You can now scatter the dreidels on a table or keep them on the mantle of a fireplace in a lined order. Now you are fully ready to host a Hanukkah party and let your guests take the dreidels back home as tokens of you love.

Star of DavidStar of David:
You can hang Star of David embellishments throughout your home for your Chanukah decorations. Get hold of Star of David decorations from your local store. Or you can simply make it by yourself with card stock paper. Cut out two triangles. Place one of the triangle with the point up and one with the point down. Then glue the two triangles together and then decorate your Star of David with glitters, metallic markers, or even with stickers. You can also attach a piece of ribbon to the top of the Star of David, and hang it from the ceiling! Try to bring out your creative side on this Hanukkah and enchant everyone.

Snow Flake Goody BagSnowflake Goody Bags:
Take some old self colourer handkerchiefs and stitch its sides giving it a goody bag looks. Now paint some snowflakes around the bag and your goody bag is ready to use. Tie a ribbon around its neck. Hang these bags on the walls and ceilings and you may stuff it with gifts which your guests can take back home.

Hanukkah Wall Decors:
Hanukkah Wall DecorYou can give your house the best look by creating colourful wall hangings by your own self and hanging it all throughout your house. Take pieces of cardboard, cut out the shape according to your own desires and decorate it with sparkles and other colourful papers. You can also draw structures of Star of David or that of the Menorah over it and your wall décor is almost ready. Attach some colourful ribbons to it and you are ready to decorate your house.

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