The incidents of Chanukah story revolve around the faithful Judah Maccabees and of course his band. The obstinate Maccabee and his four brothers led the team of Jewish to national and sacred combat during the 2nd century BCE. However, who they are actually and why they came into the picture for leading Jews are question to be asked.

Once upon a time a famous Greek emperor tried to force Mattathias who belonged to the priestly class of Jews, to offer a sacrifice to the pagan almighty. This is the time when the Maccabees story started. Mattathias certainly refused the Greek emperor and also the Greek ruler was murdered by Mattaithias. Later, the Greek king Anticohus came back hard on Jews. He decided to fill the sacred temple of Jerusalem with Greek Gods. Mattathias and five of his sons took the responsibility to take action and fight against the Greeks for the Jewish liberation of Judah.

Sons of Mattathias were known as Maccabees. The root of which is the Hebrew word "Hammer". It is believed that the rebellious Jews attacked their enemies really hard. They gave their adversaries hammer like blows.

But, as soon as the combat started, Mattathias was killed. However, his son Judas now being the leader of the troop continued the combat against the Greeks. He had an uncanny ability to lead and was an example of an intrepid Jewish leader. By the end of the war, Jews had lost a lot. The only person who survived among the rebellious brothers was Shimon or Simon.

It was the product of their result oriented approach and self belief that the rebellious and stubborn Jewish force fought against the Greeks. The Meccabees, also known as Hasmoneans, were the steadfast leaders who helped them in guiding the Jewish force against the Greeks and driving the Greeks out from Judah. As soon as they won the battle, Meccabees had rededicated the sacred temple in Jerusalem which was previously dishonored by the Greeks.

The win of Jews against the Greeks had helped to preserve the rights of the Jews in long run. Jews had brought back the national independence in Judah for hundred years until 63 BCE.

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