Holi Word Search Puzzle

Holi Word Search Puzzle

The Festiva of Colours, Holi, brings us all the chance to indulge in a few hours of unrestrained fun and celebration. But colours, sweets and apparels are not the only source of your merriment as you will soon find out with our marvellous Holi Word Search Puzzle. Attempt this amazing word search puzzle and contribute to your festive entertainment. To share this fantastic Holi Word Search Puzzle with your pals, click here and transmit this page to them. Have a bigger and brighter Holi celebration!
Word Search Puzzle for Holi

Enhance your holiday enjoyment with this awesome Word Search Puzzle themed to the Holi festival. Simply print out the Word Search template provided below and detect the listed words from a jumbled arrangement of letters provided in the puzzle. The words that you have to find out are all related to Holi, and have purposely been concealed in every direction - horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forward or backward. See if you can discover all the listed words. When you spot any word, encircle it to distinguish from the jumble. Enjoy solving this Holi Word Search puzzle!

Holi Word Search Puzzle Template

Instructions for Printing :
1) Click on the thumbnail image of the Word Search template. Open it in a new window.

2) Once in the new window, click on the "Print" button provided to print the puzzle template. You can also take a prinout by going to the upper left corner of the window and clicking File>Print. To know how your printout will look like, click on File>Print Preview before you actually take out a print.

3) Close the template window after taking the printout to return to this screen.

4) Start solving the puzzle.

NOTE: Set page margins to zero if you have trouble fitting the printable template on one page (FILE, PAGE SETUP or FILE, PRINTER SETUP in most browsers).

Click here for the solved puzzle

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