Holi Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Download these wonderful Holi images to set as background wallpapers in your mobile phones, tablets, PC or laptops. They are in HD and catch the wonderful festive spirit of Holi. You will find wallpapers of the famous Basanta Utsav of Shantiniketan as well, that was started by the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.
So just scroll down and take your pick. Do not forget to share them with your friends.
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Wallpapers of Holi

Tip: These fantastic Holi wallpapers are given in three sizes. Just click on any of the size links alongside any of the wallpaper images given below to get it in the size you want for your desktop. The image will open in a new window and after it loads fully, right click on the image and choose "Set as Desktop Background". To suggest this page to your friends, just click here so that they can also join the virtual colouring spree.
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