International Mango Festival
International Mango Festival


When it comes to satisfying your taste buds with sweet fruits, the first name that crops up in your mind is Mango.
And the pleasure increases tenfold if you find a plenty of mangos with myriad of colors, scattered around a sprawling area. It’s really a privilege to visit the festival premise to watch and have a bite on the tasteful mangoes. More than 50 mango growers, congregate on the premise to showcase more than 550 species of Mangoes. An interactive platform is offered to both the mango growers and eaters to share knowledge and acquire knowledge respectively. The musical performances and numerous competitions make this occasion even more special. The idea is definitely to promote export and tourism business alongside throwing some light on the unheard facts about the mangoes. Inaugurated by the chief minister of Delhi, Sheila Dikshit in 2006, it is a commendable and venerable initiative to show a bright light to the people, associated with the agro and food processing industries. India, ranked in the top mango exporters list, generally is able to export 40,000 metric tons of mangoes to 80 countries all over the planet. This has truly become a fascinating international festival now.
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