Celebration of Jhanda Fair

Jhanda fair, inaugurated by Guru Ram Rai on the premise of Guru Ram Rai darbar in the district of Dehradun, is celebrated in the Hindu month of Chaitra (According to Gregorian calendar). It falls on the sixth day after Holi.

Devotees worship 97 feet tall sal tree which is located in the shades of the nearby Dundhali forests during Jhanda fair. Devotees also show respects to the flag which was hoisted by Guru Ram Rai. The flag is soaked into milk, curd and water of the river Ganges. Then the honorable flag is wrapped up in muslin.

Devotees, who congregate on the premise, tie scarves to the mast with the desires of fulfillment of their wishes. They pray to the Almighty. Only 40 scarves are allowed to remain tied to the Jhanda Sahib after offerings according to an old tradition.

According to the ancient cultures and mores, twenty devotees get the opportunity to tie the Satin Scarf (the second cover) to the Jhanda where as only one person is allowed to tie the sacred scarf (velvet cover which covers the top of the mast) called Darshani cover.

Tourists who visit the place are entertained with concerts and performances. Dance and musical recitals are staged to amuse holiday makers and disciples who come from faraway places to the fair ground.

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