Traditional Connotation

The fair which is more than three centuries old is one of the most attractive and interesting festivals of Doon Valley. Even though it is known that the festival is organized by the Sikhs but people from all religions and creeds come together on the valley to enjoy and participate in the mind blowing and exhilarating carnival of Dehradun.

As a punishment of executing miracles in the court of the Mughal king Aurangzeb, Guru Ram Rai was debarred by his father Guru Har Rai. Miracles, recognized by Sikhs, are known as displaying arrogance. They also believe and consider it as the competition against Vaaheguru’s power.

Guru Ram Rai arrived in Dehradun in 1676 and unfurled a flag in the Gurdwara, Ram Guru Rai Darbar which was formed by him. The Jhanda fair venerates and honors that particular day. The name of the fair was derived from the sacrament of royally hoisting the flag of Guru Ram Rai. This finicky fair is a harbinger of religious concord.

A renowned legend claims that the name of the Dehradun district is derived from the name of this interesting fair. The place was well known as the Doon valley before Guru Ram Rai had established his home here. The name of Doon valley became Dehradun later on.

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