Kandali Festival


Yes, it’s different. It’s different with its spectacle and fun.
The most interesting aspect of this entrancing occasion is its prominence. Martial tradition of Shaukas is celebrated during this special festivity. The customary ceremonies are dedicated to the women folk who had demonstrated their bravery while pushing their adversaries back. It was truly an eventful incident in saving both their land and pride. Kandali festival is celebrated once every twelve years with pomp and show on the lingering valley of Uttarakhand when the beautiful and charming Kandali flowers bloom in the proximity. Opinion and belief about the reason of celebration of the Kandali festival varies though. The celebration continues around a holy tree. Huge numbers of devotees assemble to pay tribute to the deity Shiva wearing wonderful traditional attires. Homes are decorated agreeably. Men and children carry swords and shields while following the footsteps of the women. Due respect is given to women. The throng of people marches on their way to the destination. Musical tunes and dance performances make this procession look very pretty.
Background of Kandali Festival
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