Kurukshetra Festival

Kurukshetra Festival is on 14th December, 2021

The essence and birth anniversary of the Srimad Bhagabad Gita is celebrated during the Kurukshetra
Festival which also falls on Gita Jayanti. It’s an occasion for the batch of spiritual crowds to recollect the episodes written in the devout Gita. The mythological tales of the Gita revolve around the spiritual beliefs and conversation between Arjuna and Krishna. How Krishna had convinced Arjuna, the prince of Pandavas, to fight hard against the Kauravs? 700 verses of Gita concentrate on the directives to approach life and strive for the betterment of character as a whole. The state of depression of Arjuna is represented articulately in the Gita. According to Krishna, every holy soul is immortal and perpetual. Understanding it aptly is the prime motive of each and every individual. Thousands of consecrated devotees throng to the premise of the tanks of Brahma Sarovar and Sannehit Sarovar to take a bath in the divinity. The inner belief is definitely to shed your sins. The ancient tradition of the the festival focuses on purifying the inner soul and it is done by constructive works and practices. The entire process continues with book exhibition, free medical camp and bhajan recitals and of course a prayer to the almighty.
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